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Puente de Ixtla: 18° 37' N 99° 20' W

Drive yourselves to Teotihuacan, find the Avenue of the Dead, and you'll find your next route marker at the top of the Pyramid of the Sun. You have $360 for this leg of the race.

Mexico City

Find a group of performers called the Voladores. The first team to climb the pole and fly with the Voladores can go straight to the pit stop.

19° 44' N 98° 50' W

Conquer the road. Your next clue is far away in San Marino Marina in Cancún. You must catch a bus at the TAPO bus station.

Bus 1: 10:00 am

Bus 2: 1:30 pm

Cancún: 21° 05' N 86° 46' W

MAN POWER: Use a kayak to search for your clue in a small area of the marina.

HORSEPOWER: Use a waverunner to search for your clue in a large area of the marina.

Land your watercraft at the Las Velas Beach Club and drive yourselves to the Cozumel Ferry. In Cozumel, go to Chankanaab Park.

Cozumel: 20° 31' N 86° 55' W

One person must be ready for the swim of a lifetime.

Enter the dock from the large platform and search for a clue hidden under the water.

Return to your car and drive yourselves to the next Pit Stop: the Diamante K Bungalows in Tulúm.

Tulúm: 20° 13' N 87° 28' W
1st place 10:36 am 7th place 3:29 pm (+ 4:53)
2nd place 1:09 pm (+ 2:33) 8th place 3:33 pm (+ 4:57)
3rd place 1:11 pm (+ 2:35) 9th place 4:09 pm (+ 5:33)
4th place 1:33 pm (+ 2:57) 10th place 4:28 pm (+ 5:52)
5th place 1:35 pm (+ 2:59) 11th place 4:37 pm (+ 6:01)
6th place 2:16 pm (+ 3:40)  

Episode 1 | Episode 3: Cancún - Aberdeen