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Episode 2: It Doesn't Say Anything About First Come...

46° 32' N 12° 08' E

Make your way to the bottom of the Trampolino Olimpica. Go to the base of the hill and ride a van to the top and snow-raft to your next route marker. You have $7[0] for this leg of the race.

Cortina d'Ampezzo 46° 32' N 12° 08' E

Make your way to the Ponte delle Guglia in Venice, Italy. Take either the train out of Alpi or Calalzo to Venice. You may not fly.

Early Train: Alpi - Venice

8:18 am

Late Train: Calalzo - Venice

45° 35' N 12° 34' E
WATERWAY: Use the gondolas provided to find your next route marker. You are not allowed to ask anyone for directions, including your gondolier.



PATHWAY: Walk the streets of Venice to get to your next route marker. You are allowed to ask for directions.

Get yourselves to the Palazzo da Mosto. Hours of operation are 5:00 pm - 12:00 am.

Find the plaza and participate in the comedy skit. At the end, your Fast Forward will be revealed.

Four people can go into the party at a time. You will be given a photograph of a mask. Locate the partygoer inside the masquerade ball who is wearing the mask, and give them your photograph. If you are right, you'll get your next Route Info. If not, the reveller will keep your photograph, and you'll have to go to the back of the line.

1st place 2:45 am 7th place 5:25 pm (+ 2:40)
2nd place 5:20 pm (+ 2:35) 8th place 5:26 pm (+ 2:41)
3rd place 5:21 am (+ 2:36) 9th place 5:27 pm (+ 2:42)
4th place 5:22 pm (+ 2:37) 10th place 5:31 pm (+ 2:46)
5th place 5:23 pm (+ 2:38) 11th place
6th place 5:24 pm (+ 2:39)  

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