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Episode 4: You better check your tires, 'cause you never know....

47° 55' N 13° 48' E

Get yourselves to an airport and fly to Paris. Then make your way to the Circuit Bugatti at Le Mans. You have $440 for this leg of the race.

46° 32' N 12° 08' E

The person who performs this task will need to fit into a tight space.

Change the four tires on your chosen race car, and then get driven on a lap around the track.

Exit the track through the marked doors. Choose one of the marked cars and drive yourselves to Marseilles. Once in Marseilles, find the Ste. Marie Lighthouse.

Drive yourselves to the marked parking lot at Gorges du Blavet, located on the mountain road....

Reconstruct the picture of your pit stop from the 20 puzzle pieces.

45° 35' N 12° 34' E
ROPES: Rappel down the cliff and collect your clue at the bottom.




SLOPES: Hike down to the same clue box.
Climb up the flagged trail. Then drive yourselves to the pit stop at the Chateau des Alpilles. Warning! The last team to check in will be eliminated.
1st place 6th place
2nd place 7th place
2nd place 8th place
4th place 9th place
5th place  

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