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[Jumble Pools]


The three words lounging around each pool are related in some way. The bottom word is complete (though jumbled up, of course), but among the letters of the other two words, some are swimming in the pool. You'll have to sort those out. Word lengths are given for these words.

*6* [G] [N] [E] *6* [L] [P] [I]
[I] [T] [E]
[S] [L] [R]
[U] [E] [B] [D] [O] [L]

Answer: SINGLE double TRIPLE

*5* [N] [L] *7* [A] [G] [O] [B]
[P] [T] [E]
[U] [A] [T]
[W] [A] [S] [Y] [B] [U]

*7* [M] [R] [T] *6* [G] [B] [R]
[S] [D] [E] [A]
[A] [K] [U]
[B] [I] [T] [B] [A] [R]

*5* [E] [S] *7* [E] [C] [L]
[Y] [E] [R] [R]
[C] [U] [E]
[C] [R] [U] [D] [E] [E]