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[Jumble Quiz]
[T] [W] [O] [ ] [W] [R] [O] [N] [G] [S]
[M] [A] [K] [E] [ ] [A] [ ] [R] [I] [G] [H] [T]


Words are made ineligible for use in Jumbletime in two ways: if there is another word, or words, that use the same letters, or if the word is a simple inflection of another word. However, if a word is a jumble of other words, and those words are inflections, then the word is legal.
[L] [O] [G] [G] [E] [D]

[R] [U] [B] [I] [E] [S] ... or busier

[B] [E] [L] [I] [E] [D]

[L] [I] [K] [E] [N] [S]

[T] [A] [M] [P] [O] [N] [S]

[G] [L] [O] [S] [S] [E] [D]

[D] [I] [L] [U] [T] [E] [S]

[S] [M] [O] [K] [I] [E] [R]

[P] [R] [A] [I] [S] [E] [D] ... or diapers

[M] [I] [T] [E] [S] ... or times or items or emits