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Cross the bridge of letters below by taking the first six letters in a row, and jumbling them to get a word clued below. Then take the six letters starting at the second letter, and do the same. Keep going until you get to the last six letters. Watch your step, though. The clues are in jumbled order too.

[I] [C] [D] [M] [O] [E] [Y] [L] [P] [N] [T]

Make use of
Situation or stand-up
Where anyone can see
Student doctor

Answer: Student doctor - MEDICO, Situation... - COMEDY, Tune - MELODY, Make use of - EMPLOY, Where... - OPENLY, Oodles - PLENTY

[Y] [P] [B] [I] [S] [O] [H] [Y] [P] [C] [P]
Sports therapy
Rough, as the sea
Cancer detection method
Chess piece
Hitchcock flick