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[Illegal Words]


Groups of letters available during the Classics and Daily Challenge on Jumble Time should have only one solution. That makes the words in this puzzle illegal.

Below you'll find clues to twelve words, each with some letters below them. They can be paired up so that you get six sets of anagrams, two that are five letters long; two, six letters long; and two, seven letters long. The letters associated with both clues in the pair put together can be used to spell both words.


Medicinal option
[B] [L] [T]
Component of war
[E] [T] [A]

Answer: Medicinal option - TABLET, Component of war - BATTLE

Basic grocery purchase
[L] [A]
Brass, for one
[Y] [O]
Camper's commode
[L] [I] [E]
Common newspaper name
[R] [U] [N]
[T] [U] [E]
"Guy"'s entertainment need
[M] [E] [T]
Power plant possession
[B] [I] [T] [E]
Relating to the back of the eye
[R] [A] [N] [T]
Shooting star, really
[O] [R] [E]
66, among others
[O] [R]
Soft colour
[S] [T] [E] [P]
[A] [L] [L]