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[Under Construction]


These puzzles aren't quite finished, so you'll have to do some of the work yourself. Unjumble each set of letters into a word and find that word's clue in the pairs on the right. The other clue in the pair has an answer that can be spelled using all of the letters in the word, and repeating them as necessary. The length of the longer answer is given with the letters. The pairs aren't in the same order as the letters.

[H] [A] [T] [R] [E] [F]  9 Heaven


Answer: FATHER, hereafter

[I] [N] [T] [O] [R] [A]  7, 7 Jam ___

Traffic jam output
[M] [R] [C] [A] [S] [E]  9 Save for later

Possible 2008 Olympic site
[E] [O] [S] [I] [N]  7 Recent horror flick

Horror flick plotlines, essentially