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[Off by One]


Match the jumbled words on the right with the pairs of clues on the left. (The clues won't necessarily match the letters across from them.) The clues aren't for the words themselves, but for words which differ by exactly one letter. (No extra jumbling will be required.)

Nixon got one
[S] [N] [A]
[R] [O] [P]

Answer: person PARSON pardon

DC-10's digs
Long (for)
[I] [T] [H]
[E] [W]
Prepare prose
A largish amount of time
[R] [E] [A]
[G] [H] [N]
Make a promise on 1/1
To pass on, as a duty
[L] [O] [V] [V]
[E] [E] [R]