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d e t a i l s

Think Fast is a puzzle race that will be held on Saturday in August (right now, it looks like August 25).

Players will be divided into two teams, Team A and Team B, through a series of qualifying and seeding puzzles. Players will solve these individually, and they will be judged based on speed and accuracy. How well they do will determine which team they are on.

Team A will start the on-the-road section of the game first. They will be given a backpack of materials, and sent along the SkyTrain route between Edmonds Station and Waterfront Station. At each station, they will have to solve a series of puzzles which will direct them to their next station. At Waterfront, the puzzles will lead them to a checkered flag. Once they find that, they can return to home base, the first half of their task completed.

Team B will start with the in-house puzzles. Their backpack has been locked up, and in order to free it, they need to get the combination to the lock. They'll do this by solving a series of physical puzzles, and using their answers to calculate the combination. Once they've freed their backpack, Team B can start the on-the-road section of the game.

Team B must find their checkered flag before Team A can come back and open the in-house lock. The first team to complete both halves of the race is the winner.