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How a Canadian recites the alphabet.
No sooner zed than done.

Why the tug-o'-war team was disqualified.
Their fans were pulling for them.

Why the fashion stocks weren't doing so well.
It was a bare market.

Why only half of her package arrived.
She sent it by partial post.

Why the producer didn't like the insect documentary.
The program had bugs in it.

How the mediator celebrated one faction leader's birthday.
It was a cake of peace.

How the architect lowered the ceilings in his building.
He made a tall story short.

What the tabloid called Ms. West's affair with Santa Claus.
A Mae-December romance.

How the saw battled with the hammer.
They fought tooth and nail.

Who won the Bangkok music contest?
It was a Thai score.

How wolves can get around by smell.
They have good scents of direction.

Why the policeman made an excellent drummer.
He walked a beat.

Why some thought baseballer Daryl would never retire.
Because Strwaberry fields forever.

The three words that went through the manipulative bride's mind.
Aisle, altar, hymn.

How the cartoonist got so much work done.
She was quick on the draw.

Where I hid your first pointer.
On the wrong side of the tracks.