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Finish this questionnaire as you travel from here to your next station. The Outside questions appear in the order you are going to encounter them as you go. "Left" and "right" are as you face forward in the car. The Ad questions have to do with the ad posters in the stations themselves.

When you have all the answers, get your graph paper and set up a column fifteen squares wide. Start writing the answers from 1 to 15 in rows, with no spaces between the answers. If an answer runs off one line, continue writing it on the next line.

When you are done, read the first, sixth and eleventh columns of squares down to get your next location which should be on the same block as the station.


Metrotown - Patterson, right side: (9) What complex has blue lettering and a hexagonal logo?
Patterson - Joyce, left side: (5) The white terraced building is occupied primarily by what company?
Patterson - Joyce, left side (6) What is normally played in the space next to the Remington?
Joyce, right side: (1) What special writing system do they use in the building you can see?
Joyce - 29th, right side: (4) A grey building with gold letters is called ___ Court.
Joyce - 29th, left side: (7) What road do you pass under as you pull into the station?
Nanaimo - Broadway, left side: (15) The "office" you see with a prominent sign.
Nanaimo - Broadway, left side: (10) What street branches off to the right at the intersection where the day care centre with the rainbow is?


(3) The first name of the artist with the album "Broken Silence".
(13) "Web Development Training" is offered by ___ Digital.
(2) Their multi-poster campaign has teens photographed against a white background.
(8) The kind of vent Michael A. Smith cleans.
(11) "True" or "false": There is a station you pass through that has no ads.
(14) The objects below the "US" on the Rush Hour movie poster.
(12) What is the third-last word in the Crime Stoppers ad in your train car before the phone number?

Go to Broadway.