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d e t a i l s

Welcome to Think Fast 2002.

This year, the rules are a little bit different. Instead of having two teams, there'll be only one, but there'll be a time limit. Players will have seven hours to try to complete the course.

Once again, we'll be running on SkyTrain on the weekend, so a one-zone day pass is suggested.

At each location, there will be one or more puzzles to solve that will tell you how to get your next location. Each location will be within walking distance of a SkyTrain station. En-route puzzles will be primarily word-based, and may involve using permanent features of the places near the stations.

There will be eighteen locations, each at a different station. Since you only have seven hours to complete the course, and it is estimated that more than an hour will be spent on the train, that's not much time.

To speed things up, this year there will be pre-puzzles posted at this website that can help you along. Here's how they work: The pre-puzzles will be primarily logic- and number-based, and each will have a numerical answer consisting of an X value and a Y value. These values will be positive whole numbers, with the X value less than 100 and the Y value less than 200. The pre-puzzles will be somewhat more difficult than the ones on the day of the event, but you'll have a few months to work on the pre-puzzles. In some cases you'll be told how to find the X and Y values, and in others you'll have to determine that for yourself.

On the day of the event, the team will have the opportunity to gather together their answers. They'll have the opportunity to submit one solution for each pre-puzzle. If you are correct, you'll receive instructions that take you directly to the next station. If not, you'll get the beginnings of a puzzle whose answer will lead you to the same instructions.

The course is considered complete when the team has recovered all the instructions and has found the ultimate answer to the race. If the team does this within seven hours, they have won.