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f a s t f w d

The puzzles that are found on this page will greatly help you speed up solving the race on the day of the event, but they are not necessary to solve.

Note too that these puzzles are not representative of the sort of puzzles you will be encountering during the race. The puzzles here will require some contemplation, a bit of insight, and maybe some research on-line. (To help narrow down the field in this last respect, some links around the web can be found in the multi-coloured square at the bottom of the page. Some of the links will be useful, many will not be, and some are downright useless.) The puzzles on the road will be straightforward, if not necessarily simple.

In each pre-puzzle below, your task is to determine the values of X and Y. Both values are positive whole numbers. The value of X will always be between 1 and 200, and Y will always be between 1 and 100. Though the puzzle may not always tell you straight out how to find the values of X and Y, there will be some aspect of the solution that will tell you how to find them.

In solving, pay attention to all aspects of the puzzle. There is a title for each puzzle, and graphics often come with alt tags that give names to them as well.