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History/Hindsight family

I'm a little embarrassed to admit it, but I liked the title of this song by the Propellerheads so much that I built a font around it. Included in this package are the component bits that go into making each character.

Every font site needs at least one monospace font, and some version of History Repeating seemed a natural. I made a typewriter font, History Happens out of it. Your computer will recognize it as monospaced, so it can be the "TT" font for your browser, for example.

Hindsight derives from History Happens bold, but I liked the look of it so much, I made it its own font. In hindsight, I should have made this one first.

The missing link in Hindsight's evolution. It's basically the same as History Happens Bold, but now your computer can extrapolate and make it even more bold.

Hindsight looking forward. Keep checking for more added blocks, but be ye warned: some of them are scary-looking and may never get made.

If you dig into Unicode long enough, you'll get the small caps for most of the Latin letters, so it was really easy to do this font. I added old-fashioned numerals so I wouldn't feel lazy.


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