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Fez 34° 5' N 4° 57' W

Drive yourselves to the Hussan II Mosque in Casablanca. You have $50 for this leg of the race.

Casablanca 33° 39' N 7° 35' W

Make your way to the desert and the Palmerie in Marrakech.


Get to the flagged carpet shop in Marrakech, and find the rug that has the Fast Forward logo woven into it.

Marrakech: 31° 38' N 8° 0' W
Ride a horse and find your clue in a faux archaeological dig nearby.

Ride a sandbike and take a rubbing of your clue far away.

Translate your clue from Arabic to English and go where it says.

One person should be able to work a crowd.

Assemble a stall and sell five servings of escargots (5 durums each).

Collect your partner and check in at your next pit stop, the rooftop of the Riad Catalina.
1st place 3:25 pm 5th place 5:32 pm (+ 2:07)
2nd place 5:19 am (+ 1:54) 6th place 7:04 pm (+ 3:39)
3rd place 5:20 pm (+ 1:55) 7th place
4th place 5:27 pm (+ 2:02)  

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