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Marrakech: 31° 38' N 8° 0' W

Fly to Munich, Germany, and find the Kasperle at the Friedensengel. You have $1, not four quarters, for this leg of the race.

München 48° 8' N 11° 34' E

Guess what? Kasperle is originally from Austria, so get yourselves to Innsbrück. Find the pillar of St. Ana near the Olympic Village.


Find the surfer on the standing wave on the Eisbach River. Attract his attention, and get the Fast Forward from him.

Innsbrück: 47° 16' N 11° 24' E
Go to the Olympic bobsled track and ride down the mountain with a team of three pros.

Go to the Olympic ice race track and run a relay with a team of two speed skaters there.

Ride the gondola Norkette to Seegrube station.

One person should welcome the chance to dangle for a while.

Descend on a rescue line 200 feet below the gondola and retrieve your next clue.

Get yourselves to Schloß "Bollenburg" in Füssen, Germany.

Füssen 47° 34' N 10° 42' E
1st place 10:02 am 4th place 12:53 pm (+ 2:51)
2nd place 12:44 pm (+ 2:42) 5th place 2:42 pm (+ 4:40)
3rd place 12:45 pm (+ 2:43) 6rd place

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