Episode 3: I wasn't even going to touch you until you...

45° 35' N 12° 34' E

Travel by train to Vienna, Austria, to the intersection of Operngasse & Friedrichstrasse. You have $480 for this leg of the race.

48° 13' N 16° 20' E

Go through the sewers of the city.

Claim a flagged fiacre by grabbing its tag, and find your way to Schonbrunn Palace. As soon as you see the fiacres approaching, you can claim one.

First wave: 8:30 am

Second wave: 9:00 am

Third wave: 9:30 am

Carry a tray of champagne glasses across the ballroom floor willed with waltzing dancers without tipping any over.
MOZART: Carry a double bass to the house where Mozart wrote the Marriage of Figaro, six miles away.




BEETHOVEN: Carry a folder of sheet music to the house where Beethoven wrote the Heiligenstädter Testament, eleven miles away.

Make your way to Donauturm.

Which of you doesn't mind hanging from their ankles?

Bungee jump from the highest tower jump in Europe and collect your clue at the bottom.

47° 55' N 13° 48' E
1st place 2:57 pm 6th place 4:47 pm (+ 1:50)
2nd place 3:51 pm (+ :54) 7th place 4:57 pm (+ 2:00)
3rd place 3:53 pm (+ :56) 8th place 5:00 pm (+ 2:03)
4th place 3:57 pm (+ 1:00) 9th place 6:04 pm (+ 3:07)
5th place 4:43 pm (+ 1:46) 10th place

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Episode 2: Italian Alps - Venice

Episode 4: Vienna - France